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Christ Lutheran Nursery School

*Tuition must be paid with checking/savings account

Rates & Schedules

2023-2024 rates

Annual Registration fee: $45.00

Morning Programs (9:00-11:30am):
  • 2 Day (Tuesday/Thursday, Three-Year-Old Class) - $217/month
  • 3 Day (Monday/Wed/Friday, Four-Year-Old Class) - $281/month
  • 5 Day (Monday-Friday, Combined) - $413/month
Afternoon Programs (12:30-3:00pm):
  • 3 Day (Monday/Wed/Friday, Pre-K Class) - $281/month
  • 5 Day (Monday-Friday, Pre-K Class) - $413/month
Full Day Session (9:00am-3:00pm, including Lunch Bunch):
  • 2 Day (Tuesday/Thursday, Three-Year-Old Class) - $334/month
  • 3 Day (Monday/Wed/Friday, Combined) - $445/month
  • 5 Day (Monday-Friday, Combined) - $779/month

Don’t see something that fits your child? We can accommodate most schedules and needs at a price that works for your family. Please call or email to talk more.

Christ Lutheran Nursery School does not discriminate in providing services to children and/or families on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

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